Foss Maritime: Stop Stealing Retirement Security from Working Families

Hardworking Teamsters, pipefitters, welders, boilermakers and other workers at Foss Maritime are the engine that keeps our region's maritime economy humming by providing critical transportation and logistic services to Foss customers across the globe.

Foss claims to be a company that cares for its employees, but nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is Foss wants to strip away workers' retirement security and is putting the health and safety of its employees at risk during the COVID pandemic.

Tell Foss to clean up its act!

Tell Foss that workers* who have dedicated their lives to the company deserve a secure retirement, decent healthcare, and a workplace that keeps them healthy and safe during the COVID pandemic.

*Workers at Foss Maritime are represented by a number of affiliated unions and crafts including Teamsters 117 and 174, Boilermakers 104, Electricians IBEW 46, Machinists IAM 160, Plumbers and Pipefitters UA32, Operators 302, and Painters IUPAT. 

GOAL: 750 signatures

Will you sign?